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FUEL on the ROAD!

Book our CEO, Dr. Aaron McNair II for virtual or in-person professional development for your pastor, church or leadership.  Several packages and areas of focus to assist your church in producing ministry and advancement in a culture of excellence.  

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Culture Shift 

Culture Shift is focused on training your leaders to "Develop a Culture of Excellence in your local Church".  We answer questions from "what is excellence" to "what is a self-sufficient church".  Focusing on organization and prioritization, being a prepared church and more.  If you are aiming to put a fire under your staff and open their eyes to another level of exposure to run with your vision, You want a Culture Shift.


The Honor Code

Many churches do not provide adequate care and compensation for their pastor.  We want to provide you with systems, structures and scripture that will open your church to a new way showing love to your gift from God.  No matter the size of your church, no matter how young or old your church is, we have the answers for you.


The Back Office 

The systems and structures that create the infrastructure of your church are extremely important to see you church successful.  We will provide your administration team with training, resources and remedies to help your church flow and operate in smooth excellence.  Church Administration is the vehicle in which the vision rides to fulfillment.  



A dream becomes a nightmare if the visionary has a big dream and a bad team.  The ministry rides on the backs of secondary leadership.  They are "weightlifters" and ICG wants to provide training and resources to help your secondary leadership become stronger and more advanced.  


Pastoral Development

The weight of Pastoring is extensive and ICG has training and real life answers for Pastors who are striving for their ministry to be successful, organized, aware, resourced, and ready for where God is going to take their church.  Have a group or conference for Pastors?  Book ICG to 


Let's Work Together

Book our CEO, Dr. Aaron McNair, II today to provide professional development for your pastors, church and leadership.  We look forward to Impact Consulting Group assisting your church in going to the next level in excellence! 

Book Impact Consulting Group

Please allow 24-48hrs for response from our office.


How can ICG make an Impact on your organization?

Thanks for Booking. You will hear from our office soon!

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